Good2Go: Improving City Life with Smart Tech

Since 2014, WSP has provided a range of services to tech start-up Good2Go, including security, technology and business consultancy. So when the San Francisco firm decided to create an app to transform a daily challenge of city life – the search for a clean and available restroom – we were excited to help build it from the bottom up.

Good2Go provides secure access and queue management technology to non-public spaces such as office lobbies and car parks. Its latest service allows users to locate a modern, hands-free restroom, check its availability and join the queue. When the facility is available, it sends a notification to the user’s phone. Retailers can also print QR codes for customers.

The company’s technology, which is built into existing restrooms, provides consistent, high-quality design that guarantees a great customer experience. Each restroom is completely hands-free, and the app even opens and closes the door for users.

“We don’t often see projects like this,” said Herbert Els, who serves as the lead consultant for WSP and directs the firm’s Innovation Center in Boulder, Colorado. “But once I understood where it was headed and what was involved, I knew this would be a great challenge for us. Building something from nothing is exciting – starting on the ground floor with a client that not only has a great idea, but the vision and drive to make it a reality.”

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Rigorous Testing Through an In-house Pilot

Key to our role was helping Good2Go find the best application programming interface to enable communication between the app and the access control system and let people into the restrooms without a key or keypad. The company wanted something as reliable as airport security but invisible to customers and turned to WSP to shepherd them through the process.

Our experts went on the hunt for a flexible control system that would easily integrate with the company’s occupancy sensors, and after assessing a range of solutions recommended an application from Massachusetts-based security firm S2. The system architecture communicates through cloud computing, and each location has its own dedicated wi-fi router, ensuring a smooth customer experience every time.

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Herbert Els

Before being rolled out commercially, the system went through exhaustive in-house testing. A WSP meeting room was converted into the perfect pilot site, with a high volume of employees pressure testing the system and giving vital feedback.

Now up and running in 10 restrooms, Good2Go has major expansion plans — in the Bay Area and beyond: New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York and Tokyo are among the cities in its sights. Good2Go and WSP’s thriving partnership will also continue as the platform scales.