Helsingborg Smart City Project: Future Outdoor Lightning and IoT

© Andreas Fernbrant.

The Swedish city of Helsingborg has long been known for innovation. So it’s no surprise to see its leaders embark on a project that will set the smart agenda for municipalities across the country and beyond.

WSP, selected for its market-beating expertise in smart design and delivery, is providing a range of services on this ambitious scheme, including smart places consulting and project management.

Aerial view of Helsinborg
© Andreas Fernbrant.

The multi-phase programme, expected to take around five years, is set to transform aspects of city life while defining solutions for smarter urban development. At its heart is a plan for smart lighting, that will see around 30,000 outdoor lighting posts connected to deliver energy efficiency, enhanced citizen security and a range of other services to Helsingborg residents.

Development of a city-wide Internet of Things (IoT) platform will meanwhile pave the way for connection of sensors across Helsingborg — even reaching the life buoys in the harbour — allowing for collection and cross-analysis of a wealth of city data. This will deepen understanding of everything from energy consumption, travel patterns to smart city management, and be a vital tool in Helsingborg’s drive to create an exemplar of sustainability and liveability.

WSP has brought together a world-class team of experts, including specialists in data, IoT development, electrics, GIS, and database design, to match the ambition of Helsingborg’s vision. Our work will have many different aspects, including high-level design for scaling and upgrading the city’s existing GIS platform, design of the electrics for the lighting network, IoT specification and lighting in green areas with consideration for nature and wildlife an R&D phase for developing new networking technology in collaboration with the municipality.

This exciting project is running in parallel with preparations for H22, Helsingborg’s landmark smart city expo planned for the year 2022, and will create crucial infrastructure for the city and its partners to explore, test and showcase new standards and ideas for change. As a result, it is sure not only to secure the municipality’s reputation for innovation, but to take it sky high.