A Smarter Building – Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

Salesforce Tower is an iconic building on the skyline of San Francisco, and the focal point of the Transbay redevelopment area. The tower is located in the SoMa (South-of-Market) district of San Francisco, above the new transit centre which is set to become a major transportation hub for West Coast USA. At a height of 1,000 ft., it is one of the tallest buildings west of the Mississippi river.

A Symbol of New Technology, Wellness and Sustainability

Sustainability and wellness are be amongst the hallmarks of the design of this building. Through the services provided, WSP made sure the tenant’s employees could work anywhere in the building. We used a converged network approach to include VOIP/WAN/LAN – this not only increases the building’s performance and functionality, but also its environmental sustainability, through the convergence of the building management and metering systems. It will enable the building’s operator the ability to gather and make informed decisions, based on key metrics from the building.

We also provided information technology design services for the transit facility. Located in one of the busiest areas of San Francisco, security is an important aspect in the design of this tower. We integrated a visitor information system to better manage who comes into and out of the building that incorporates a large scale schedule board and digital signage. The HVAC system we have designed helps achieve high standards of comfort while remaining energy-efficient. Every effort has been made to optimize the quality of the indoor environment for optimum employee satisfaction resulting in increased productivity. For example, occupants can adjust the temperature at their workstations to suit their individual needs.

With floor to ceiling windows, a high level of natural light penetrates the building. Since systems are installed in the raised floor, the office space is flexible and can change throughout time, by easily reconfiguring power, data and air systems. Their location along with the low velocity air supply, allow for this system to produce little or no noise, an important feature for occupants. To complement the beauty of this building, a 5.4 hectare city park has been designed at the bottom of the tower for everyone to enjoy.

Our building services designs include many innovations for low environmental impact. These Class A offices, incorporate sustainable features such as LED lighting, tenant and system metering, regenerative elevators and high efficiency boilers and chillers. We designed a very low energy floor-byfloor under floor air distribution system which improved ventilation efficiency as well as air indoor quality. The free cooling and heating systems resulted in substantial energy savings. WSP assisted the client in achieving LEED Platinum certification.