US Technology Company:Delivering a Smart Office

A global technology company wanted to create a dynamic office space that would help attract top talent. WSP was selected to provide MEP engineering, lighting design, and acoustics for its 750,000 ft² US headquarters. We also provided workplace innovation consulting services to define the vision and goals of a smart workplace, validate smart goals against existing workplace design standards, and provide technical design solutions and vendor evaluation.

As workplace consultant, we focused on making sure the design achieved the client’s overarching business goal – maximising efficiency while creating a great place to work. We helped formulate and prioritise goals from boosting employee health and wellbeing to optimising space and user control. And our advice had a big impact on the building system design, putting the emphasis on occupant satisfaction rather than simply meeting the engineering needs of a functional workplace.

Innovative Technology Solutions for Enhanced Automation

A key feature was a multi-sensor mesh installed throughout the offices that used the lighting control system as a base for gathering information on how the building was used, including a feed on occupancy, light and temperature levels. The goal was to go beyond the basics and furnish the client with data that would actually help improve the employee experience.

Our buildings engineering expertise was also crucial when it came to navigating the complex array of available technology solutions, allowing us to evaluate the different vendors and recommend a system that delivered the greatest possible value while meeting the client’s business goals.

We developed a business case that the client could present to their most senior executives, advocating selecting a certain type of equipment based on the business value we believed it would bring. This transformed the client’s approach to procurement for the building, leading them to break with the status quo and choose an option that would provide more usable data on how the building is used.

“Built a business case for a smart workplace”

As the project evolved, the client engaged WSP to test and validate the proposed solutions and equipment in our Innovation Centre in Boulder, Colorado. Our ability to try different systems out in a lab environment before making a recommendation was a major advantage, particularly as the client’s IT policies prevented trying out untested solutions on the company’s network.

The role of big data in improving the workplace is an evolving field – and this project is on the cutting edge.